Network Design

The needs for security, backups and maintenance of a sizeable network will often require an on site IT resource, which can be a burden for non IT based businesses.  Port22 can be a valuable asset to get out of those tricky situations.

Port22 can design, maintain and upgrade functional, secure and stable network infrastructures that will grow with today’s businesses.

Over the last years we designed, installed and maintained various networks for businesses in the Greater Victoria area.  Our customers are from various fields (medical, law, web design, hosting) all managed under strict security policies and specific ways to handle their data.  Port22 will adapt its services to match you industry’s regulations and best practices.

Whether you need to build your computer network from scratch or just require an upgrade to an already existing infrastructure, we can help you design a network that will be salable, stable and that will perfectly match your current and future needs.  Our team can design, install and provide ongoing support to your local area network, internet connection, remote access, email, database, web server and backups.  We can provide a free estimate, and complement our work with all the required documentation and network maps so our customers always remain aware and in control of their IT services.