Open Source Solutions

Networks and technology can be a burden for companies of any size.  We know that as a business grows and expands, so does its technological needs. Faster network, heightened security, larger storage capacity, remote access, backup and satellite office interconnection – we will help you adapt these needs to your changing business.

We provide adaptive solutions based on Open Source operating software (Linux), allowing us to adjust the services we provide as your business expansion becomes reality, without requiring costly licenses.

Port22 consulting services are based on Open Source software and are fully remotely managed, easy to upgrade, and do not require the often costly licences tied to proprietary software and operating systems.

From the most basic computer environment requiring shared documents and printers between workstations to the more complex network with centralized authentication and off-site backups, Port22 Consulting can custom build a solution adapted to your business requirements.

Our most commonly requested services includes, but are not limited to :

  • Shared network drives, allowing employees to quickly work on common documents stored in a central location.
  • Local and remote backups, preventing data loss and providing redundancy in critical times.
  • Centralized authentication, for employees with no assigned workstation to always work under the same environment.
  • External email server, enabling employees to access their email outside of work, on any computer, via centralized hosting (IMAP).
  • Remote access service, for the business with employees in various locations or working from home, who still require access to network resources via encrypted connection (VPN).
  • Partial or complete system encryption, allowing a business to secure their information.

Let us sit down with you and find the IT solution that would better suit your needs.

Contact us by email at or call 250-412-6181 to get started.